Letter: Richmond mayor says city follows its bylaws

Dear Editor,

Re:  “Why one rule for the city, another for us?Letters, Nov. 7.

Like many residents, I share the frustrations expressed in a letter to the editor in the Nov. 7 issue regarding the property damage caused by chafer beetles.

This invasive species has destroyed public and private property across Metro Vancouver for decades while proving resistant to chemical and non-chemical interventions.

Ten years ago, when the city adopted the Pesticide Use Control Bylaw to restrict the application of chemicals for cosmetic purposes, we wanted to protect our environment, especially by preventing damage to pollinators, birds and others that were often silent victims to such products.

The City of Richmond adheres to this bylaw and does not use unsafe chemicals or pesticides on any city property.

We continue to seek environmentally safe and sustainable solutions to control the chafer beetle. The range of bylaw-compliant solutions varies from using horticultural vinegar, nematodes, special bacteria applied by licensed applicators, different varieties of grasses to hot water and steam.

Unfortunately, the city experiences the same frustrations and challenges as many residents when trying to combat the effects of the chafer beetle using methods consistent with our pesticide management bylaw.

You can find more information on our website at www.richmond.ca.

Mayor Malcolm Brodie


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