Letter: Why one rule for the City of Richmond another for us?

Dear Editor,

I live in a complex in West Richmond, blessed with a huge mount of greenspace.

But, like so many residential and strata properties in Richmond, it is now under attack from the damages of the chafer beetle.

The damage caused by this insect and its predators, the raccoons that roll back the grass and cause thousands upon thousands of dollars of damage to residential properties, goes unchecked because the City of Richmond prohibits the used of any sort of pesticides to kill the grubs.

And, as residential owners, we are left with the very significant cost of repairing and restoring our properties.

So, please tell me why, when the city bans residents from doing anything more than applying less-than-worthless Nematodes at huge cost with very little success to treat this agricultural disaster, is the city allowed to chemically treat with pesticides and herbicides sports fields, golf courses, soccer pitches, school fields — everywhere we and our kids play with the very chemicals residents are banned from using?

Ever seen a bit of chafer beetle damage or, for that matter, a dandelion on a playing surface, school field, soccer pitch or golf course in Richmond? No.

So, which way is it, city council?

Residents cannot treat and prevent thousands of dollars of damage to their property because the city decrees pesticides and herbicides are unsafe and yet they can use both on park, sports fields, golf courses and school playing fields.

Either we should be allowed to treat for the chafer beetle exactly as the city does on its property or the city needs to abide by the same rules that they apply to all their taxpayers and homeowners.

The chemicals they are spreading on city and school property to stop chafer beetles and weed damage are the same that residents are banned from using.

Every night I watch our property being torn apart; every morning I walk past our local school and see no damage. So, I have to ask either, why can my property not be afforded the same protection the city has for its fields and park, or why are my kids and pets being put at risk on city and school board property that use the chemicals?

Roidon Lamb


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