Letters: City of Richmond should make cutbacks

Dear Editor,

Re: “Richmond considers borrowing up to $36.5 million,” online, April 25.

It is time for the City of Richmond to start making major cutbacks.  

Why is it that other Lower Mainland municipalities have laid off hundreds, even thousands, of staff that have no purpose at this time? Other municipalities are also tightening budgets including cancelling events, services and other priorities.  

Of course there are certain essential services that must remain, but as a Richmond taxpayer it concerns me that most recreation staff are being paid in full. 

I know of several lifeguards that are being paid to decorate small rocks to put out in the community! The sentiment is nice — but seriously. Can the city not use volunteers to do this?

Lifeguards are also wandering around the  ever-busy Garry Point Park and literally not speaking to anyone — what is the point of this? They should post the (social distancing) signs they’re carrying and move on.

Close up the recreation buildings and lock the doors. The buildings are full of staff doing unnecessary and untimely work.

The city may be in a good financial position right now, but this wasteful spending needs to stop.

People in the Richmond community are struggling and it is time to be be fiscally responsible and make cutbacks.

Matt Moore


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