Letters: Disjointed bike system in Richmond could use cash infusion

Dear Editor,

Re: “Activists have taken over city,” Letters, Jan. 9.

I am not an activist. I am not a member of HUB. I am simply a Richmond taxpayer who would appreciate a safer means to ride my bike.

While the City of Vancouver may have an overabundance of bike routes, Richmond is woefully underserved by a rambling, disjointed and illogical system. For example, there is the bike path on the greenway along Railway.

Then only a few metres over there is a bike path on Railway itself. The next north-south bike path is not for several kilometres away, along Garden City.

Another example of the absurdity of the system is the bike route that abruptly ends at No. 2 Road and Westminster. There is no easy or safe route to access or exit that route.

There is a lovely new bike route along the southern part of No. 2 Road, but it, too, abruptly ends at Steveston Highway. Another problem is that many bike lanes are actually no more than the shoulder of the road, with no real extra space or safety provided to cyclists.

I note that one letter writer was corrected by the editor when she complained the city was going to spend $10M on bike lanes in the city budget (its actually just under $8M). Frankly, I would welcome the city spending $10M on improving the bike lanes of Richmond.

Sean Vanderfluit


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