Letters: Pedestrian Steveston a complete turn-off

Dear Editor,

The traffic calming experiment in Steveston did not seem to have the desired effect and looked to have had a negative impact on the local businesses.

Most people looking to spend money on services or goods choose ahead of time to do so, and they go to a specific location with the intent of buying from a specific merchant.

As humans we will want to drive right to, or as close as possible, to our desired destination.

We will choose to circle the neighbourhood again and again to find a spot close to where we want to shop or eat. It’s just the way we are.

Making it a pedestrian walkabout keeps many of the true spenders away because they don’t want to park and walk through the village to their favourite Steveston spot.

Instead, Steveston turns into a nice place to go walk about for a day for many people who want to browse, with no initial intent to visit a merchant.

I drove in and it was such a turn-off that I....turned around.

Tyson Riverdale


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