Letters: Richmond councillor spot on with values discussion

Dear Editor,

Re: “Au, McNulty call for ‘Canadian values,’” Community, Nov. 21.

In a recent article in the Richmond News, Coun. Bill McNulty made some, what I believe to be, extremely good points on how any city initative to deal with a mission statement concerning cultural values as recognized in the City of Richmond needs to begin with a clear recognition of Canadian values as a starting point.

The fact the discussion has begun without this basic recognition and acknowledgement gives this committee no way forward and contains no real value other than another endless politically correct PR exercise.

I also believe this newly formed committee could benefit greatly from Coun. McNulty’s many years of experience, positive oversight and mentoring.

Why build a broken bridge if its aim is to unite all people? Give them a solid, honest foundation and a template for this committee to gain some traction, not spin their wheels, and move forward. Nicely stated, Bill. Well done!

David Merke


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