Letters: Steveston not worth a stop

Dear Editor,

On Sunday my wife and I took a ride through Steveston, which we have been enjoying for shopping, socializing and restaurants since the 1960s. When we saw the sidewalks crowded with people, 90 per cent of them not wearing masks or bothering with distancing and many of them with small children, we drove through without stopping. I assume these are people who think that either Dr. Bonnie Henry is an alarmist, or that they are somehow immune to the COVID-19 virus.

Oh, and did I mention the two cyclists and the motorist who rode and drove through stop signs on Moncton Street forcing us to made sudden stops so we didn’t run them over, and one of them giving us the finger because we said something to him? Apparently the pandemic has had no effect in changing some people’s egocentric attitudes and propensity for rude behaviour.

Maybe come the fall we will be able to get back to enjoying the friendly (and safe) village that we have loved for so long.

Ray Arnold


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