Letters: Steveston streets are a great laugh

Dear Editor,

It is with great amusement that I watch the new road changes in Steveston this summer with the new one-way system that is now in place. 

Maybe someone should teach drivers what a one-way system is, as I am forever seeing people going the wrong way down Second Avenue.

The loud honking of car horns and colourful language is most amusing and sometimes I have to cover my ears!

And while I agree with some on city council that Steveston is a bit of a gong show in the summer, I would like to point out, as a business owner, that the real problem is with the harbour charging for paid parking in their lots — which were once free in the village.

When the spot prawn sale started in June on Steveston Harbour Authorities’ fishing dock, I came to my shop on Second Avenue at 9 a.m. and there was not one parking space to be had, while the harbour’s paid-parking lots remained mostly empty, as is the case on most days.

So if you want to do something constructive for the village, give us more free parking in July and August.

Frankie Neilson


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