Letter: We need more Terry Fox Run coverage in Richmond

Dear Editor,

Re: “Run for Terry this Sunday in Steveston,” Community, Sept. 12.

I love reading the Richmond News every week but felt compelled to write in this time.

The annual Terry Fox Run was Sept. 15 at Garry Point Park. I am saddened that more attention to the run, and our hero Terry, was not given. Only on page 24 (in last week’s paper) was there an article written about Terry Fox and the race. It wasn’t even mentioned in the 3things2do section on page 27. No wonder the Richmond Run doesn’t get that many people out.

This young man is a Canadian hero and deserves so much more.

As a proud Canadian, there is no one better to me than Terry Fox. I was living in the U.K. when he started his journey. My mother sent us letters telling us about this amazing young man. Since my return a year later, I have tried to attend every run.

Please do better next year, and perhaps put lots of photos from Sunday’s race in the paper. His legacy should be front and centre. 

Nadine Nowell


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