Play, comedy tell story of poverty in Richmond

Trying to find a social worker might not seem like fodder for a comedy sketch – but the Richmond Advocacy and Support Committee (RASC) has found a way to laugh at some of the more difficult moments in life.

On Friday afternoon, the community is invited to watch a play, some sketch comedies and hear stories and poetry about what it’s like to live in poverty and the myriad issues that can lead to a low-income life and homelessness, from having a disability to struggling with an addiction.

RASC, which is part of the Richmond Poverty Response Committee, uses the literature and art to illustrate how people deal with the very complex issues they are facing when living in poverty.

Alan Hill, RASC project coordinator, hopes people will come out to hear the stories of Richmond people who tell their stories in their own voice.

A play by Don Creamer called Hope Beyond Homelessness will also be put on by the group,  showing how a chain of events can lead to homelessness.

“(It’s) his personal experience of becoming homeless and getting out of homelessness – it’s very moving,” Hill said.

One comedy sketch is about trying to get a social worker – but turns the process on its head. Another sketch has two people with disabilities training to try to get across a busy road in 13 seconds.

The Community Celebration takes place on Friday, Sept. 20, 1:30 to 3:30 p.m. at Richmond Caring Place, 7000 Minoru Blvd., Room 340. Refreshments will be served.

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