UPDATE: New West cutting power to repair 10th Ave. pole hit by SUV


The City of New Westminster said in a tweet it will be cutting power to the area around 10th Avenue east of McBride Boulevard after an SUV crashed into a power pole.

The city expects the power to be out in that area for about four hours as crews work to repair the pole, which was struck at around 8 a.m.

It's still not clear how many vehicles were involved in the crash, nor how long traffic will be disrupted in the area.


A crash closed 10th Avenue at the Burnaby-New Westminster border east of McBride Boulevard Sunday morning.

New West police and firefighters responded to the crash shortly after 8 a.m. 

It's unclear how many vehicles were involved in the crash, but one SUV was seen sideways on the road after it crashed into a power pole.

The power pole was knocked partially out of place, standing on an angle.

It's unclear whether the work to restore the pole will affect power in the area. It's similarly unclear how long it will take for the road to reopen.

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