Sea to Sky Student Vote supports Greens

Squamish students cast votes in a practice election

If Sea to Sky students had their say, the winner of the federal election would have been the Green Party's Dana Taylor. 

As voters cast their ballots across the country, so did those not yet old enough to vote.

In schools across Canada, more than one million students participated in the largest national Student Vote. 

Of the one million, more than 8,000 students in the West Vancouver-Sunshine Coast-Sea to Sky Country riding cast ballots.

The results of the student vote in the riding showed 2,800 votes for Taylor (34.84 per cent), with the NDP earning 1,561 (19.43 per cent). The candidate who was successful in the actual election, the Liberal's Patrick Weiler, came in third place in the student vote at 1,446 votes (17.99 per cent). Gabrielle Loren, the Conservative candidate, was selected on 1,371 ballots (17.06 per cent). The Rhinoceros Party's Gordon Jeffrey had 491 votes (6.11 per cent), the People Party's Robert "Doug" Bebb earned 254 (3.16 per cent) and independent Terry Grimwood came in last with 113 votes (1.41 per cent).

In B.C., students chose the NDP with 24 seats and 29.5 per cent of the vote. Next was the Conservative Party at 10 seats and 20.9 per cent of the vote. Greens took third with eight seats and 24.5 per cent. Liberals did not get any seats, but had 16.5 per cent of the popular vote.

The national results of the Student Vote, however, show the Liberal party winning with a seat count of 110 and a vote percentage of 22.3. The NDP forms the official opposition with 24.8 per cent of the popular vote and 99 seats. The Conservatives take third place with 94 seats and 25.1 per cent. The Greens place fourth with 28 votes and 18.2 per cent while the Bloc Quebecois earn 1.3 per cent — nine seats.

See more results from the Student Vote at

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