3 reasons to choose unique DIY custom framing

You have a beautiful work of art, poster, or a special photograph that you know would benefit from a frame, but professional custom framing can be expensive and DIY framing can be daunting. At Opus Art Supplies, there's a third option: DIY custom framing with a little help along the way.

With seven locations across B.C., including one in historic Maillardville, Opus Art Supplies has been helping both artists and art enthusiasts frame their pictures and photos for more than forty years.

Crissy Arseneau, Manager of Marketing &Mail Order at Opus, outlines three reasons why this might be a great choice for framing your artwork or photos:

1.     Cost savings

"Custom DIY framing can give the customer a reduced price over professional framing as there are no labour charges," says Crissy. "We help you select the materials from our wide selection of frames, mats, glazing, and backings. When you're ready to frame, you're welcome to use our tables and tools, or take your materials back to your studio or home and complete the job at your leisure. Either way, we're here to answer any questions about the process or techniques."

2.     Sense of pride and accomplishment

People enjoy DIY projects for the sense of achievement and accomplishment at the end of the work. Framing is no different.

"At Opus, we'll guide you in the process if you've not done it before," Crissy explains, "but we don't do it for you. You choose the materials, measure the artwork, and assemble the framed work. When you hang the art on your wall, or display a photo on the mantel, there's a sense of satisfaction that you had a big part in the creative process."

3.     Custom-made piece

Opus Art Supplies also has ready-made frames available for sale, some of which have been designed and made by Opus staff. But there's nothing quite like having your artwork or photo enhanced by a frame made specifically for the work.

"Custom framing allows you to design a family of frames to complement the décor of your home, business, or store," says Crissy. "There are also different types of framing that give different levels of archival quality. This can be important if the sentimental or monetary value of your work is high."

For more information about Opus Art Supplies and custom framing the "Opus Way", visit the website, call 604.545.0410, send an email, or drop by the Coquitlam store at 953 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam. Opus Art Supplies can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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