Auto body repair shop: a presence in the Tri-Cities

Since its opening in 1973, Circuit Collision has relied on its community, and similarly, its community has depended on them. Now, after nearly two decades of operating under the Boyd brand, the auto body repair shop is reverting back to its roots of being family owned and operated, under the respected name, Circuit Collision.

Gerry Sly, the original and operating owner of Circuit Collision said that it is important for him to surround his business with people who care about the customers and the community. “The majority of our work comes from the local community,” Sly explained, “we still have customers coming here that we serviced back in our ‘old days.’”

Sly started out as an apprentice in the auto body repair industry in the 60s, when he met his business partner, Jock. Soon after, the two mechanics opened their own frame and suspension shop in Port Moody. It was not until 1980 when Sly and his business partner built the shop at the location where Circuit Collision is currently located, and expanded into auto body work as well. In the late 90s, Circuit Collision became the first Boyd franchise shop. Looking back, it is easy to see that throughout its long history of auto body repair, servicing the community has always been the number one priority at Sly’s shop, regardless of the name.

Perhaps this is why Circuit Collision’s long list of loyal customers continues to grow after nearly five decades.

Working primarily on cars that have been in accidents or that need automotive glass repairs, the staff at Circuit Collision are a dedicated and experienced crew. There is little they have not seen. Returning to the trusted and beloved name of Circuit Collision, the Coquitlam shop will continue to help and serve its community any way it can.

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