BC Quake Premium Survival Supplies: Are you ready for the 'Big One'?

We all know it's coming, but how many of us are prepared for a potentially devastating earthquake on the West Coast?

BC Quake Premium Survival Supplies is a local, family-run company that offers survival and first aid kits, emergency food, water tablets and many other products to keep us all safe in the event of a major earthquake or disaster.

"We're opening our new store in the first week of April," says Brett Johnston, Owner of BC Quake Premium Survival Supplies, "but until then our kits and supplies are available for purchase online."

BC Quake Premium Survival Supplies is a division of Community Fire Prevention Ltd., a family-owned business in Port Coquitlam that has offered fire prevention services to the community for more than 30 years.

"We did a sample fundraiser for a local sports event," Brett explains, "handing out earthquake survival kits and it was very well received. People mentioned how they'd been meaning to buy a kit for years, but just hadn't done it. We could see there was a need to provide ready-made, grab-and-go kits."

There are various survival packages available depending on whether you want everything, including a camping stove, in the kit or if you have most of the basic camping items already and just want to stock up on food and water purification tablets.

Most experts and analysts recommend buying or assembling an emergency kit that will keep you and your family safe, nourished, and hydrated for at least 72 hours after an earthquake or other natural disaster. According to the City of Vancouver's disaster preparedness advice, City services may be affected for at least this amount of time after a major earthquake, possibly delaying emergency response times.

For more information on BC Quake Premium Survival Supplies and their products, call 604.945.0001, visit the website at www.bcquake.ca, email sales@bcquake.ca, or stop by their location at 107 – 1320 Kingsway Ave., Port Coquitlam. BC Quake can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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