Changing your furnace filter can improve your health

While many of us change the filter to our vehicles on a regular basis, homeowners in particular often neglect to change the furnace filters in their homes.

“It’s an easy way to improve your air quality,” says Moore & Russell Heating and Cooling owner, Serge Laredo. “Everyone should change their filters on a regular basis.”

Ironically, changing your furnace filter is often far easier than changing the filters in your car. Furnace filters are typically located between the furnace and the venting so that they can trap air particles before they are circulated throughout your house. Changing the filter usually just amounts to sliding the old one out and sliding the new one in.

Furnace filters cut down dust, pet dander, bacteria and other matter that can find its way into the home environment. By changing the filter on a regular basis, it not only improves the air quality in your home, it improves the efficiency of your furnace.

And that means long-term savings on your fuel expense and lower repair bills down the road.

How often should you change your furnace filters? Lardeo says that homeowners should change their filters approximately every 3 months.  These filters can now be order online for your convenience.

Not sure which filters to choose? Professionals like those at Moore & Russell Heating and Cooling can help you choose the right filter for your furnace and even install it for you if you’re still uncomfortable doing so.

Laredo suggests setting up a reminder or tying the job to another one to help you remember it. Because you need to change it once a season, tying it to seasonal jobs such as changing your snow tires or opening your pool might make it easier to stay on top of.

It is important to note that most insurance companies and all furnace manufacturers recommend that you complete an annual service and safety inspection to keep your warranty valid. Changing your filters regularly is an important part of that process.

To learn more about changing your filters or to schedule a free home estimate, contact the professionals at Moore & Russell Heating and Cooling at 604-526-8155 orby email or visit their website.

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