Denturist brightens smiles with thoughtful services

At Burke Mountain Denture Clinic, they understand that every person is different and so is their smile. Denturists, who work at the clinic, pay great attention to detail to make sure that the dentures teeth are suited individually. “That is why giving people options – so that they get the right solution to their problem – is very important to us,” said Rav Lyall, the primary denturist at Burke Mountain Denture clinic, located in Port Coquitlam.

“We provide solutions for whether you are missing one natural tooth to all natural teeth,” Lyall said in regards to the variety of services offered at the clinic. If you need to have all your teeth extracted, immediate dentures can be used to help make the denture transition process smoother. Likewise, if gaps start to show up in your teeth or you cannot chew comfortably, dentures on implants– also known for being easier to maintain than traditional dentures – can help restore your smile. From emergency denture repairs and adjustments to partial dentures, Burke Mountain has every denture service you need.

Burke Mountain Clinic, formerly known as Adam’s Clinic, has been serving Tri-Cities for over 35 years. Its services have been designed to meet the patients’ specific, personal needs. By offering several different kinds of denture services, including fixing dentures on implants with the assistance of a dentist or an oral surgeon, and educating the patients on denture care and hygiene, Burke Mountain offers solutions to people of all ages.

Lyall spoke about the craft behind designing dentures, something that many people overlook. “Because every smile is unique, we make every set by hand,” Lyall explained. In fact, the craftsmanship that goes into prosthetic teeth is one of Lyall’s favourite parts of being a denturist as well as helping people in need. The clinic also has an in-house dental laboratory that allows more control during the denture fabrication process.  

With complimentary consultations and mobile services to residential care facilities and at-home visitation, the staff at Burke Mountain Denture Clinic truly cares about restoring your smile and confidence.

Free denture cleaning and polish are provided to all new patients. To learn more about denture options, visit Burke Mountain Denture Clinic’s website, call 604-944-4910, or email You can also find Burke Mountain Denture Clinic on Facebook. 

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