Dr. Carol L Thorpe: Empowering dental patients

Dr. Carol L Thorpe uses the analogy of taking your car in for repair to explain why it’s important to be informed of your dental procedure choices when visiting the dentist.

“When I take my car in for repair and I know nothing about the inner workings of the engine, I have to believe what I’m told. If the answer is I need that I need something fixed, I don’t know if they are right or not. It can be very intimidating and uncomfortable. A visit to the dentist shouldn’t be like that.”

Dr. Thorpe’s philosophy is to make sure that patients are fully informed of all their options so they can make the decision that’s right for them.

“It’s not about whether you want a Cadillac or a VW,” she explains. “It’s about the fact that there are choices. Your Cadillac might not be my Cadillac. We have to define what’s right for you and your teeth. What are your goals, your financial constraints? I feel that this kind of open, informative communication is one of the most important things in dentistry.”

When patients fully understand their options and the dental procedures available to them, Dr. Thorpe says, they feel empowered to make a decision. It also takes away a lot of the anxiety around dental crowns, tooth extractions, or cosmetic dentistry because the patient is informed and they have a better understanding of the work to be done.

“Patients will often come in and say ‘Okay, Dr. Thorpe, I trust you. Whatever you think is best is fine by me.’ I shy away from that. I always tell my patients about the choices they have – and there are always lots of choices—which is why one dentist might tell you that this procedure is necessary and another dentist might offer a different solution.”

The key, Dr. Thorpe says, is that the patient understand the benefits and the risks of each procedure. In the end, the choice of which dental procedure is appropriate is in the patient’s hands.

“I’m passionate about empowering my patients to make those choices,” she says.

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