Eyewear store sees to giving back to the community

Paul Manocha knows, first hand, the struggles of having high-prescription eyeglasses. “When I was growing up, I found it a real challenge to find glasses,” Manocha, who is now a licenced optician at Basic Eyewear Optical, said. “I found that it was quite difficult to find somebody who could answer my questions and maybe find me better prices that fit my budget.”

Now, having worked at Basic Eyewear Optical for two decades, Manocha continues to bridge that gap in the eyewear service industry, something that he saw lacking in the community of Coquitlam. He uses the philosophy of putting the customers’ needs first to guide his practice. “That’s just something you’ll get when you come to a smaller store like our own,” Manocha said.

Though, Manocha and his team at Basic Eyewear Optical provide the community much more than just a wide selection of eyeglasses, sunglasses, contact lenses, and accessories – the company is deeply rooted in its charitable involvement within the community.

“Over the years, just being involved with the community and building the business itself has allowed me to get into the actual community of Coquitlam, and we’ve been building the business that way ever since,” Manocha said.

Whether it’s donating prizes and products to dry grads in the area, or it’s heading the Business Improvement Association that helps to increase business and beautify the neighbourhood, Basic Eyewear Optical tries to give back to the community anyway it can. “For the most part, anybody who really needs to fundraise typically just comes on in and I help them out with that,” he said.

Manocha says that it is a two-way street; the more he seems to give back to the community, the more support he receives as a small business. “You know, people really want to help small businesses and we’re just happy to be able to help them out in return.”

To find out more about Basic Eyewear Optical, visit www.basiceyewear.ca, call 604-936-9969, or email info@basiceyewear.ca. You can also find Basic Eyewear Optical on Facebook.

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