Fine art digital printing and mounting at Opus Art Supplies

With the advent of smartphones with digital cameras, photography is an artform now available to everyone. Our phone's gallery quickly fills with images and, every now and then, there are a few that beg to be printed and displayed in our home.

The challenge is that most of us don't have the professional printers to do the image justice. Enter Opus Art Supplies.

Founded in 1974 by David van Berckel as a framing store for artists, Opus Art Supplies now has seven locations across B.C. and offers a complete range of fine art digital printing and mounting options.

"We have a wide selection of fine art digital papers," says Crissy Arseneau, Manager of Marketing & Mail Order at Opus Art Supplies. "Combined with our DIY framing service, you can make a pretty exciting piece of art in a fresh new way that will look cool in your home."

Printing options include regular photo-grade paper or you can take the process up a notch and select fine art paper.

"Selecting fine art or specialty photo paper can really enhance a digital image," Crissy explains. "Slickrock paper, for example, will give you a metallic look with depth and sheen. Or choose a sublimation print on a white and clear-coated aluminium panel for colours that appear deeper than the original image."

The digital reproduction and printing process is offered at all seven locations of Opus.

"It begins with a short consultation when you bring your print-ready digital file to Opus," Crissy says. "Your prints are your art so we don't do major adjustments but we will do a soft proof with you, tweaking the file so the image looks good on your selected surface."

The monitor in the digital printing area is calibrated for each of the surfaces available to display an accurate representation of the finished product.

"If you've never done this before," Crissy notes, "you can come in or phone beforehand and chat with one of our staff, who will lead you through the process."

Once printed, the image is then ready to be framed or mounted, taking a unique photo from the computer and preparing it for display on a wall or mantel in the home.

"The finished reproduction of your original artwork or photograph will make an ideal gift or an item for sale," says Crissy.

For more information about Opus Art Supplies, visit the website, call 604.545.0410, send an email, or drop by the Coquitlam store at 953 Brunette Avenue, Coquitlam. Opus Art Supplies can also be found on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.

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