Five ways to find your inner peace

Finding your inner peace is not as far-fetched and unachievable as it may sound.

In fact, there are several, approachable ways that anyone can find their inner peace and achieve self-awareness – without taking to the Himalayas for a meditation retreat.

“Inner peace is a stillness that can be experienced in every moment of our lives, regardless of what life brings us” says Regina Kaiser founding owner of Veracis® Meditation, Yoga & Wellness centre, one of the first non-denominational meditation centres in the Lower Mainland.

Kaiser believes that aligning spirit with body, mind, and soul can be attained through guided advanced meditations, yoga, and holistic services that she with a team of experienced professionals offer at her wellness centre in Port Moody. Classes are designed for everyone interested in self-empowerment.

There are 5 ways you can participate:

1. Holistic Energy Healing: This approach has been used for centuries to improve well-being from the inside out.

2. Intuitive Reading: Sessions provide information about the dynamics that presently influence your life. They are not predictive; rather, they help you understand yourself and life with greater clarity because the answers are inside you.

3. Meditation: Meditating connects you with your soul – but sometimes it can be difficult to achieve on your own. Guided meditations give you the chance to self-heal and discover the answers within yourself, with a helping hand. There are two ways to participate; meditation courses and ongoing meditation classes.

4. Healing Massage: Conscious touch encourages a state of inner-outer harmony as your mind centres on stillness and your body relaxes into peacful bliss.

5. Yoga: Traditional yoga classes nourish spirit, mind, body and soul. Plus, a smaller studio gives you personalized, caring direction and support.

To find more about Veracis, go to, call 60-461-5511, or email You can also find Veracis Meditation, Yoga and Wellness Centre on Facebook.

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