From bath bombs to dog walking, these enterprising ventures foster an inclusive community

It’s not just customers who are benefiting from DisDaBomb’s creativity and sense of fun.

The people who make the luxury bath bombs are revelling in the opportunity to contribute to a business that enriches their lives — and their community.

First launched in 2010, DisDaBomb became part of Community Ventures Society in 2017. It’s a perfect pairing for the agency that strives to create truly inclusive communities in the Tri-Cities for children and adults with developmental disabilities.

The individuals involved with making the bath bombs each contribute their own talents to the social enterprise. Some enjoy getting creative with the fanciful designs which range from hearts to rainbows, donuts and the very popular poop emoji bath bombs. (Yes, they even come with the emoji’s wide eyes.)

Others thrive on packaging the boutique gifts or going to Farmers’ Markets and community events to meet with customers.

“They all work very hard and are passionate about what they do,” says Miriam Hoolahan, CVS’s Manager of Communications. “It really is a business they’ve grown and made their own.”

DisDaBomb mindfully minimizes the number of ingredients, concentrating on all-natural products such as essential oils. Its milk-and-oatmeal bath bomb is good for sensitive skin, and there are also unscented options.

A new product DisDaBomb has just launched is Potty Bombs. Not only do they release a pleasant scent when they’re thrown into the toilet, but they also have ingredients that help cleanse and refresh.

Since one of the goals of CVS is to match individuals’ interests with meaningful employment, it also recently launched adVentures Dog Walking.

“It’s a win-win-win,” says Hoolahan.

It gives individuals who love dogs the opportunity to bond with their client’s pets and benefit from physical exercise. Accompanied by a staff member, the dog gets two-on-one attention, with only one dog at a time enjoying the time outside. Dog owners know their pet is being cared for by people who are trained and have a love for animals.

The community also benefits. The individuals who have created these businesses are paid a fair wage and contribute to the local economy. These social enterprises add to the mix of services that CVS offers which include adult day programs, employment support, shared living as well as children's respite, children's specialized residential and foster care.

October is Community Inclusion Month, the perfect opportunity to support the work being done by the CVS family. Check out DisDaBomb’s Facebook page to find out where you can buy the bath bombs or the adVentures Dog Walking Facebook page for more information about CVS’ dog walking services.

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