Funeral home: a bastion of support and compassion in its community

Community is the foundation for the prosperity and value of many businesses. For Forest Lawn Funeral Home, it is no different.

Andrew Knapman, the manager of the Central Burnaby funeral home, understands that Forest Lawn relies on its community, and in turn, it is important for them to give back and show their gratitude.

“We try to get involved in our community and that’s certainly true in the Burnaby area, but we also try to help out throughout the entire Lower Mainland,” Knapman said. “We do that by doing extensive philanthropic work with a place that is near and dear to our hearts: Crossroads Hospice Society.”

Crossroads Hospice Society offers outstanding support services to families throughout the Tri-Cities before and after the loss of a loved one. It is easy to see why Forest Lawn Funeral Home each year chooses to help this hospice. From raising money to sponsoring events and volunteering their efforts and funds to silent auctions and various galas, Forest Lawn gives back to its community. In fact, the Dignity Memorial funeral home’s support is scattered throughout Greater Vancouver, with philanthropic work at Burnaby Hospice and at MacLaren Housing Society of British Columbia, located in Vancouver. The organizations which Forest Lawn Funeral Home chooses to support directly reflect their values of compassion, care, and supporting those in need.

Though, Forest Lawn does not only focus on the community around them, but within them. Each year Forest Lawn holds a holiday memorial, an event for families who have been with Forest Lawn in the past year. Organizing an event where families can commiserate with those who have experienced a similar loss provides a basis of support and community within Forest Lawn’s walls.

“We often refer to the solstice,” Knapman said, “when we go into the darkest time of year and it is a parable for life and loss but this event serves as a reminder that the sun, the light, will come back into your life.”

To find out more about Forest Lawn Funeral Home, visit, call 1-800-34-DIGNITY or call 604-299-7720. 

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