Get the healing started sooner with convenient care tailored to you

When you are looking for a solution to stop the pain and discomfort and start on the road to healing, it makes sense to get the help you need in the most convenient and effective way.

That’s the concept behind Inspine Therapy (2404 St Johns St.) in Port Moody.

It houses a multi-disciplinary group of practitioners who can work as a team to diagnose and offer tailored, comprehensive treatments in a variety of ways—all under one roof.

“Basically, the goal has been to create a one-stop rehab centre,” says Chris Kim, a registered massage therapist and the clinic’s director. “Whether it’s for a professional athlete regaining their fitness, or grandparents who want to simply be able to lift up their grandchildren without pain, we wanted to create a place where all of their healthcare needs are met.

“That’s why we have consolidated a group of the professions here.”

Inspine’s care covers chiropractic care, massage therapy, acupuncture, kinesiology and also mental health care thanks to an on-site counsellor.

“We think good physical health goes hand in hand with good mental health,” Kim says. “And we are the one and only clinic in the Tri-City area with a fully equipped Pilates facility.

Pilates, which was originally developed to help soldiers injured during the First World War recover, provides a long-term solution to treating muscle pain.

“We believe the exercise of movement is what helps the effectiveness of treatment,” Kim says.

Convenience aside, Inspine uses its breadth of treatments to provide a team approach in restoring health.

“For example, if a patient has come in experiencing discomfort from whiplash after a car accident, our massage therapists can help relieve the muscle tension. And then, a chiropractor can adjust any possible misalignment of the spines,” Kim says.

From there, treatment can branch off into acupuncture or rehab exercises as treatments progress and target areas of improvement.

All the while, information on a patient’s condition can be shared, with patient’s informed consent, among clinic staff to deliver corresponding treatments designed specifically for their particular situation.

“That’s another enormous advantage of having so many disciplines in one place,” Kim says. “A patient doesn’t have to go to another clinic for a different type of treatment and then start all over again and undergo another assessment.”

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