Grand River Seafood Restaurant: 6 dishes you have to try

One of Coquitlam’s newest restaurants is serving up authentic Chinese cuisine, specializing in dim sum and seafood.

Grand River Seafood Restaurant, located off of Lougheed Highway, wants its patrons to get a traditional Chinese dining experience.

“Our focus is on the freshest ingredients possible and less about added sweetness,” says Howie Zhang, owner of Grand River Seafood Restaurant. “The dishes are served as they are served in China.”

Zhang opted to serve authentic Chinese cuisine, rather than cater to the Westernized palate, as is the case with many Chinese restaurants in the area, he says.

The dishes on the menu offer patrons a taste of everything from classic seafood dishes such as Szechuan prawns to meat dishes such as sweet and sour boneless pork with pineapple. 

“Westernized dishes are usually adjusted to suit the Caucasian taste buds,” says Zhang. “That usually means the food is sweeter and less spicy and has been made with ingredients more targeted to Western tastes. Our food is much more authentic, from a Chinese perspective.”

Here are 6 can’t miss items on Grand River’s authentic Chinese menu:

1) Steamed prawn dumpling.When it comes to dim sum, dumplings are a big favourite. Wrapped in a thin and elastic dough skin, the dumpling is filled with prawn and chopped vegetables.

2) Steam BBQ pork buns.Another dim sum staple, the steamed pork buns have a soft, chewy, white exterior and are filled with BBQ pork.

3) Deep fried dumplings.Unlike their steamed counterparts, deep fried dumplings have a harder and crisper exterior and can be filled with meat, vegetables, or shrimp.

4) Pan-fried beef with soft rice noodles.This favourite Cantonese dish is made from stir-frying beef, wide rice noodles, scallions, ginger, bean sprouts, and dark soy.

5) Peking duck.Peking duck is a traditional family meal, often eaten on special occasions.

6) Lobster.The lobster dish is one of the most popular meals on the menu.

To experience the authentic Chinese seafood and dim sum at Grand River Seafood Restaurant first-hand, visit them at #112-100 Schoolhouse St in Coquitlam, call 604-526-1338 or check out their menu on their website.

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