High car expense? 6 cool tips to keep car costs down

Is repairing your car costing too much? Experts say that regularly-scheduled maintenance and a few simple practices are the key to avoiding costly car repairs down the road.

“Staying on top of routine maintenance is really important for the safety and efficiency of your car,” says Westwood Honda’s General Manager, Colin Case. “It sounds cliché but small maintenance costs now really can save thousands of repair costs down the road.”

While specific maintenance requirements can vary from model to model, Case says these 6 basic tips can really help keep your car running smoothly:

• For new vehicles, oil and filter changes are generally recommended every 8,000kms.

• It’s important to periodically check- and flush- your car’s systems. The braking system should be checked every year for wear and to ensure it is functioning properly — brake fluid should also be flushed after 2 years to ensure proper braking and prevent failure of braking components. The cooling system should be checked for leaks every year

• Whether you drive a manual or automatic transmission, both systems need a fluid change about every 50,000kms. Repairing or replacing a damaged transmission can be expensive; keeping up with regular transmission fluid changes will prolong the life of your transmission and keep things shifting smoothly.

• The air filter helps promote optimum fuel economy and overall performance and should be replaced every 30-40,000kms depending on their condition. Cars with replaceable fuel filters should have a filter change every 100,000kms.

• Small but mighty, the spark plug is essential to keeping your car’s ignition working and should be inspected regularly. Some spark plugs can last up to 160,000kms before needing replacement, your dealer will let you know how yours are doing.

• Belts and rubber hoses should be checked periodically for wear and cracking, and replaced as needed – generally about every four to five years, or 80,000 to 100,000kms.

Staying on top of regular routine maintenance will ensure your vehicle is road worthy and running smoothly.

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