Hospital foundation sets sights on lifesaving piece of emergency equipment

In an emergency, every second is crucial. Not only does a hospital need the right health care team in place, but it also requires the right equipment to save lives when every second counts.

That’s why Tri-Cities based Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation is asking the community for help purchasing a new generation Lifepak Transport Monitor with Defibrillator, which is vital for monitoring, stabilizing and at times resuscitating patients while they are being transferred. This piece of equipment alerts nurses and physicians of life-threatening complications, and its defibrillator can even bring patients back to life in certain situations if their hearts stop.

“Every hour of every day, our emergency department is open to care for you,” says Dr. Ali Abdalvand, Emergency Department Head at Eagle Ridge Hospital. “But, even with the very best in health care professionals on your side, we cannot do our very best for you without the equipment we need.”

Last year, over 53,000 patients and their families came to Eagle Ridge Hospital’s emergency department in need of critical care. Time is of the essence when diagnosis and treatment require enhanced services not available at Eagle Ridge, and patients must transfer to a centre with a higher level of care.

“When these transfers happen, our health care team relies on trusted high performance medical equipment to provide critical and lifesaving care,” Dr. Abdalvand says. “This is why our emergency department is in need of a second transport monitor with defibrillator, to give people in need of transfer a fighting chance.”

The purchase of a new transport monitor is part of the Foundation’s 2020 Have a Heart Campaign, with a goal of raising $80,000 for the new piece of equipment.

“The response from our community has been phenomenal,” says Charlene Giovannetti-King, Executive Director of Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation. “We’re currently just under 65 percent of our goal to purchase this piece of equipment and are pleased to announce the support of donor, Bill Dick, who recently challenged his fellow community members with a matching gift up to $16,000.”

By funding the new transport monitor, the community is contributing to Eagle Ridge Hospital’s expansion as a whole. The expansion of Eagle Ridge Hospital will transform health care in the Tri-Cities by expanding the emergency, cardiology and community outpatient services departments.

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