Keeping dentures fresh and in good shape with daily care

You may have lost some or all of your natural teeth, but daily care of dentures and gums is still important. Milad Salasai, registered denturist with Westwood Denture Clinic, likes to check in with patients every three and six months. If everything is going well, there's nothing else to be done. But at the twelve-month mark, Westwood recommends a quick visit.

"Even if all is well, we like to see a patient at least once a year to check on general oral and gum health and to make sure the dentures are still a good fit for the mouth," Milad says.

One issue that pops up frequently is patients struggling to adapt to new dentures.

"We need to bear in mind that dentures are a prosthetic," Milad explains. "No, they will not feel like your natural teeth. Yes, in the beginning you may feel that your mouth is full of pebbles. But the tongue will adapt and you will quickly learn how to chew using both sides of the mouth."

Another issue is food becoming trapped under the dentures.

"Yes, this may happen from time to time, depending on the food," Milad says. "And you will need to make sure you can rinse the dentures after eating. But these are minor issues compared to the aesthetics of well-fitting dentures and the convenience of being able to speak and eat properly. Good dentures will also help support the mouth and make you look younger than with no teeth at all."

"We fabricate our dentures in house," Milad says. "So we take care of you from beginning to end. We want you to feel assured that you will have a denture that fits properly and looks good."

Milad also suggests considering the colour of your new dentures.

"Yes, people want white teeth," he says. "But bear in mind that if you've always had ivory or yellow coloured teeth and then you turn up at the office or lunch with friends with bright white teeth, people will notice that they're not natural. It's always best to try and keep dentures as close to the colour of your natural teeth as possible."

The aim, says Milad, is for your dentures to look and feel as natural as they can.

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