Keeping kids safe and comfortable after an earthquake

Living through an earthquake and its after shocks and surviving the possibility of being without food, water, or shelter for the next 72 hours is scary enough for an adult. But, as resilient as they are, the experience can be devastating for a small child.

BC Quake Premium Survival Supplies is a local, family-run emergency-preparedness company that offers complete survival kits to help families cope in the aftermath of an earthquake or other natural disaster. While the kits include items such as blankets, shelter, water purifying tablets, and nutritional bars that are suitable for the whole family, a few extra provisions will help make your little one's life more comforting and secure during those crucial 72 hours.

Sufficient water

Water is one of the body's essential nutrients and, while we can live as long as six weeks without food, water is needed to keep the body functioning and to stave off dehydration. The daily amount of water a child needs depends on the age, weight, and gender, but a general guideline would be five to 11 cups of water per day.  Multiply that by 3 days, add enough for yourself and extra for cooking. If you run out, BC Quake Premium Survival Supplieswater-purifying tablets will help make water from streams or other sources safe for drinking.

Tasty food

Each of BC Quake Premium Survival Supplies survival kits come with nutritious food bars, but while adults will appreciate the nutritional value despite the lack of cordon bleu taste, children probably won't. Tempting kids to eat can be a chore at the best of times; tempting a scared and stressed little one to eat a nutritional bar that tastes like cardboard will be difficult. Make sure to add some dry boxed food, like mac and cheese or dehydrated complete meals to keep them nourished.

Comfort items

Small children in particular will be confused and scared during and after an earthquake. Make sure to pack a favourite toy or blanket as part of any survival kit. Having something loved and familiar will help ease the stress.

Kisses and cuddles

While these can't necessarily be packed into a survival kit, make sure there are plenty on hand during and after the earthquake. Keep reassuring the child that you will take care of them and that all will be well. Place them in a tent, or at least in a place where they are isolated from the chaos around them, and make sure they stay warm, dry, and hydrated.

For more information on BC Quake Premium Survival Supplies and their products, call 604.945.0001, visit the website, email, or stop by their location at 107 – 1320 Kingsway Ave., Port Coquitlam. BC Quake can also be found on Facebook and Twitter.

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