Keeping unwanted visitors out of your mattress

Do you know who you're sleeping with? Mike von Siemens of Mikey's Carpet Care does.

"We shed about 30,000 skin cells per hour," Mike says. "and we spend around seven hours sleeping on our mattress a day. All that dead skin is a food source attracting dust mites, which can trigger asthma or other respiratory problems."

Mikey's Carpet Care offers professional cleaning of carpets, mattresses, and other household fabrics to residential customers from Burnaby to Aldergrove. In business for over 12 years, Mike is passionate about customer service – and his customers' health.

"Those dust mites produce fecal matter and expire," he notes, "and our faces are just one inch away. By having your mattress professionally cleaned and deodorized on a regular basis, you can minimize respiratory issues while prolonging the life of your mattress."

Mike spends time with his customers educating them around the benefits of regular cleaning of both carpets and mattresses.

"Many people are visual people and only get cleaning done when things look dirty or have spots. For example, people don't realize that a carpet can hold up to three times its weight in dust and dirt. If they don't see coffee or wine stains, they think the carpet is clean. But if the carpet weighs 100lbs, it can hold up to 300lbs of dust and dirt before you see it. And if you can see it, then it's past its’ optimal cleaning point and overdue."

That mattress and bedding needs regular attention too.

"Pillows should be replaced every year," Mike explains, "and the mattress should be flipped over every month and vacuumed every month. I often shock customers when I run my vacuum hose over their mattress and they see the very fine flour or sugar-like substance that comes off the mattress, which is dead skin and dander. I remind them that regular professional cleaning is actually cheaper than throwing a good mattress out."

Mikeys Carpet Care, has been named the number one carpet cleaner in Langley and customers are eager to recommend Mike.

"I'm not a pushy salesman," he says. "Customer service is my passion and I like to educate my clients around how to keep their carpets and mattresses clean between my visits. Many of my customers refer me to their friends and family. I work at being that guy who people can trust, the family friend in the industry."

For more information on Mikey's Carpet Care or to book an appointment, call 778.242.5512, email, or check out the website. Mikey's Carpet Care can also be found on Facebook.

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