Math tutoring centre offers personalized learning plan to help students succeed

When students learn math in a way that makes sense to them, they can succeed in the classroom. If students understand the basics, they don’t hate math, they love it.

This philosophy drives Mathnasium, an after-school math learning centre that helps children from kindergarten to grade 12.

“Our approach is different,” says Dr. Anoma Mudalige, owner and executive director of the Tri-Cities Mathnasium. “We want kids to understand the basic foundation of math really well, by giving them a number sense and improving their analytical, critical thinking and problem solving skills. We want to make math make sense to them.”

Located in Pinetree Village, Mathnasium combines quality, personalized instruction in a fun environment through well trained instructors.

When students first enter the program, Mathnasium does a comprehensive assessment to understand their strengths and skill gaps. After that, they will receive an individual learning plan to work through with their engaged, face-to-face instructors.

“Anyone can learn math,” Dr. Mudalige says. “Whether your child is behind, at grade level or eager to get ahead, Mathnasium can help.”

Mathnasium’s focus is on fostering an understanding of the foundational skills of math. By completing the work themselves under the supervision of instructors, children are able to grow in confidence by improving their skills.

“We love to see that lightbulb moment in their heads, when they understand,” Dr. Mudalige says.

Award-winning instructors also offer emotional support and encouragement to help kids get over the mental hurdle of being intimidated by numbers. Mathnasium makes learning fun by using math games to teach concepts and motivates students to complete their work by using a rewards program that allows them to collect rewards for finished problems.

Recently, Mathnasium has partnered with local libraries and schools to run math game events as a way to help to improve math literacy in the community.

“We line up our learning time with the school curriculum so students get direct support,” Dr. Mudalige says. “Our focus is on improving math fluency and on the way, we help them reach their goals.”

Mathnasium of Tri-Cities would like to invite all community members join them in their re-grand opening on March1, 2020. To learn more about Mathnasium, visit its website at

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