On the road to Pyeongchang

Summer is here, and while most would not think about being in a skating rink, that’s not the case for Coquitlam Skating Club’s Larkyn Austman. The Olympic Dream kicked off as a young girl in Vancouver, and is now rounding out with a potential spot on the 2018 Olympic Team.

Larkyn began her skating career at the Coquitlam Skating Club as a three year old in the Canskate program. From her humble beginnings, Larkyn has attended multiple competitions and represented her home club, as well as her province and country internationally, including a junior world championship. Her dream of becoming a Canadian Olympian kicked off in 2010, when she was hand-picked to be a flower retriever, and experienced rink-side Joannie Rochette’s inspirational podium performance. From here, Larkyn’s development landed her the role of the figure skater in Procter & Gamble’s 2014 “Thank You Mom!” Olympic advertisement, embodying Larkyn’s dreams of attaining Olympic glory.

Larkyn’s Olympic dream is nearly within her grasp, and her recent achievements are pushing her towards her goal at an incredible speed. Larkyn competed at the 2017 Canadian Tire Skate Canada National Championships, where she attained a fourth place finish and a spot on the Canadian Senior  National Team. Larkyn is ever closer to her goal, under the guidance of her coaching team led by Zdenek Pazdirek.

With her strong performance at Senior Nationals, Larkyn travelled to The Hague, where she earned a third place finish-not only a fantastic result, but also her first Senior international podium finish. Larkyn is well on her way to achieving her goals, and with Canada behind her, nothing can stop her. Follow Larkyn’s journey and explore her career on her website, at www.larkynaustman.com

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