One exotic Indian dish you need to discover!

CM Bhatt at Aroma Indian Restaurant and Lounge takes pride in the wide variety of well-known Indian dishes his restaurant offers, but he’s particularly proud of the “secret dish” hiding behind the classics:

Prawn Dilwala.

“You don’t see this dish in many Indian restaurants around here or any place else, for that matter,” says Bhatt, whose award-winning Port Moody restaurant added Prawn Dilwala about a year ago. “It’s not very well known, so it comes as a very pleasant surprise for those who are looking for something different.”

Starting with jumbo black tiger prawns which are cooked in a creamy sauce with onions, ginger, garlic, tomatoes, grated cottage cheese and cashew nuts, the Prawn Dilwala delivers an experience unlike any other item on the menu because of its unique combination of flavours, says Bhatt.

“You just don’t see many dishes with cream, cashew nuts and cottage cheese,” he points out. “It’s rich and creamy, but our staff is very experienced and know how to get it just right. All together, it creates a taste experience that is really quite unforgettable.”

Bhatt says Indian restaurants can get a reputation for only serving spicy or saucy food items, but insists that’s definitely not the case at Aroma Indian Restaurant and Lounge in general, or with Prawn Dilwala in particular.

While he admits that Prawn Dilwala is a sauce-based dish, he is quick to point out that his chef, who learned his craft in 5-star restaurants in India, knows how to balance the dish to perfection.

“We’ve had people from all different walks of life – with all sorts of preferences – order Prawn Dilwala and so far, whoever has tried it has been very happy they did!” he says.

For more information about Aroma Indian Restaurant and Lounge drop by their location at 50 Queens St., Port Moody, visit their website, send an email or call 604-917-0150. You can also find Aroma Indian Restaunt and Lounge on Facebook.

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