Port Moody Auto & Air: Car repair backed by 50 years of experience

Car repairs can be very stressful – and expensive. That’s why it’s important to have a mechanic you can trust. Port Moody Auto & Air knows that, so they always treat customers like family. Those happy customers have kept them around for five decades.

Port Moody Auto & Air is a full-service, car repair garage. They can work on any vehicle – from forklifts to trucks to motor homes, domestic, foreign and industrial, all makes and models. Their services include:

·  Heating and cooling systems

·  Automotive diagnostics

·  Gas tank and radiator repair

·  Engine block and transmission repair

·  Tire assessment and replacement

They specialize in heating and cooling systems, carrying parts like condensers, compressors and evaporators,

Shelly and Gary Smith, who run the third-generation family business, have earned a reputation of being reliable and honest, which is why so much of their advertising is just by word-of-mouth. They know that there are many garages who offer the same services, so they go the extra distance to have fun and make people feel welcome.

“If you can do everything the same, what is different about you? It has to be the personality,” says Shelly Smith.

Their new video shows off their personality so much, it’s drawing people from Vancouver, Surrey and Port Moody!

“We have customers coming from beyond the Tri-Cities just because they felt they knew us from the video,” says Smith.

“We have a lot of people who make the decision to come here based on how they feel about the place,” says Smith. “They tell us, ‘You weren’t the least expensive, but I feel more confident with you.’”

Have you found a mechanic you can trust? Find out more about Port Moody Auto & Air, visit www.portmoodyradiators.com, call 604-461-7856 or email portmoodyrad@telus.net. You can also find Port Moody Auto & Air on Facebook.

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