Stay warm this November at one of these Happy Hour Hotspots

The last few jack-o-lanterns have disappeared and daylight is fading at 4:30 pm. You may have decided to stay at home for the rest of the cold, drab month of November – these grey days of the post-Halloween sugar rush and the pre-Christmas craziness. But there’s another way to warm up this winter besides hiding away at home.

Why not head to a local pub, restaurant or lounge and partake in some good food, great drinks and even better company? Yes, we’re talking about happy hour – that magical time of day when you can forget about early sunsets and chilly weather in the company of friends.

Since the Lower Mainland introduced happy hour, you may have enjoyed the wonders of decently-priced food and drink in every season. But you can appreciate it even more in these winter months when the weather makes it harder to enjoy outdoor pursuits. Whether it’s an impulsive invite from a co-worker or a long-planned evening with friends, happy hours allow you to cosy up in a friendly atmosphere on a regular basis without breaking the bank.

But with so many great spots in the Tri Cities area where you can sip wine and nibble on appetizers, it can be hard to know which one to choose. With an offering at every corner, how can you find the best bang for your buck? Thankfully the Tri-City News has you covered with its Happy Hour Hotspots list. Each of these locations are unique gathering spots offering delicious food and drink.

So whether you’re looking for a new go-to spot or enjoy trying out different places every time, take a peek at this Happy Hour Hotspots and add a little life to your drab November evenings. Just think, you can even scope out the best places to host your upcoming holiday get-togethers!

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