Targeted, natural relief for your aching joints

Are aching joints keeping you from enjoying a healthy and active lifestyle? A Coquitlam Community Imaging Clinic can help with that by using your body’s own natural healing powers to treat chronic pain and discomfort.

MedRay Imaging, located at 100 - 3001 Gordon Ave., offers a process employing platelet-rich plasma (PRP), a component found in blood, to help repair body tissue.

The platelets, derived from a small amount of your own blood, are precisely re-injected back into the affected area, using MedRay’s expertise in medical imaging, where they can work their healing magic.

“Using a centrifuge, we are able to spin and separate your blood into various components, one of them being a rich and densely concentrated plasma with about 18 times the baseline amount of platelets that you naturally have,” said Randy Webster, COO of MedRay Imaging.

Since the blood supply to most tendons in a body is usually quite low, delivering a targeted platelet-rich injection directly to an affected area helps speed up healing and reduces discomfort.

“It triggers the healing within that specific part of your body,” Webster explained.

Traditional treatments for chronic joint pain usually involve anti-inflammatory medications or pain killers that can have negative side effects. While other treatments, such as steroid injections, can offer relief but they don’t address the core source of the problem. PRP goes to the root cause to repair tissue and provide pain relief, naturally.

“For a lot of people who lead active lifestyles, this treatment allows them to continue with that,” Webster said. “A lot of amateur and professional athletes who have used this have said it has extended their careers because it has allowed their body to regenerate.”

PRP is not covered by B.C.’s Medical Services Plan and each treatment costs $850. Webster said the number of treatments required can vary with the individual, depending on how your body responds.

“Some people can see results from one treatment, others can have a treatment once every four months over a longer period of time,” he said. “Ultimately, we want to give people relief and get them back to an active lifestyle.”

For more information about how PRP can help you, call MedRay Imaging at 604-941-7611, email, or visit them online at

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