Thirsty for a long-forgotten soda brand?

Cherry Cola. It’s a soda pop flavouryou might remember fondly from your childhood but one you can almost never find in stores around British Columbia. How about thatcool-looking version of Diet pop with Lime you saw advertised on an American TV channel?

Now you don’t need to wait until your next trip south of the border. You can just visit a location of Express News & Smokes, where they’ve stocked up on nostalgia… and a whole lot more. In addition to boasting the Lower Mainland’s largest selection of fine cigars, e-cigarettes, e-juice, and retro candy, Express News & Smokes carries an equally impressive selection of retro soda pop.

“We have 30 different kinds of Cola,” states Sutha Nada, Director of Express News & Smokes 27 locations in the Lower Mainland. “You name it, we have it.”

It’s all about nostalgia, according to Sutha, and being able to offer products that are unique.

“We have sodas you can’t find anywhere else,” he says. “We are the only store right now that is importing sodas from the U.S., so a lot of the stuff people see in commercials and can’t get in Canadathey can get from us.”

Sutha admits selling retro soda pops is a bit of a niche market, but he likes his convenience stores to have lots of options… and a few surprises!

“It started as just something I wanted to try out,” he explains. “But the retro sodas have become really popular. People love to be able to get some of the more hard-to-find sodas. And if there is something someone wants that we don’t carry, we can try to special order it in for them.”

Bring your thirst for nostalgia to your local Express News & Smokes to peruse their wide selection of retro and unique soda pops, or visit their website

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