This Coquitlam dentist is determined to make oral hygiene easy

Dr. Navpreet Sangha specializes in anxiety-quelling dentistry for children and adults

Dr. Navpreet Sangha, a graduate from the University of Alberta, understands why people might feel apprehensive about going to see their dentist.

"I get it," she says. "It's personal space we're really invading, and if they have anxieties from before about drills or needles, it can be really frightening."

For Dr. Sangha, who works with Coquitlam dentists Dr. Thorpe and Dr. Gill at the 30+ years old Lincoln Dental in the Lincoln Centre Mall, understanding of her patients comfort zones is just one of the reasons they keep coming back to her.

"It's really important to me to always centre our patients in our work," she says. "My philosophy is all about making patients feel at ease. I really want to make sure to always answer their questions and listen to their concerns, in order to come up with a unique treatment plan for each individual."

Dr. Sangha, while of course happy to see every patient, has a special fondness for working with children.

"I just... personally really love the kids. The happy energy they bring to the office, their laughter... I really want to build long-term, lifetime relationships with all of my patients, so right off the bat I make sure to answer all their questions and set them at ease."

Part of this process, according to Dr. Sangha, is letting the children know that going to the dentist can be fun. "We start each visit for children with a tour of the office, have a play area, of course, make sure the kids get toys and little toothbrushes at the end of their appointments... As they grow, they aren't afraid, because they have known us since they were very little."

Dr. Sangha emphasizes that it's important for people to get their mouth and teeth checked and cleaned every six months, or at the very least once a year, saying, "we aren't only checking your teeth and gums – we always do oral cancer screenings, as well as other checks, while you are in the chair. We cannot separate oral hygiene from its impact on the rest of the body as well."

Because Lincoln Dental takes the health of their patients seriously, Dr. Sangha and her colleagues make sure that their office always has the latest machinery, and she makes sure to keep up to date on continuing education and new knowledge in the field of dentistry.

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