Too much cardio is making you fat

Running has many benefits and is a good part of a healthy lifestyle. But too much cardio is too much of a good thing, according to the owner of a local fitness studio.

“People often hit the treadmill when they want to lose a few pounds,” says Sam Noh, owner of Eagle Ridge Fitness in Port Moody.

Unfortunately, the weight they’re losing isn’t always the right kind.

“When somebody’s trying to lose weight, they do a lot of cardio,” he says. “Yeah, that’ll help you lose weight, but what does that mean? It can be weight from fat or it can be weight from muscle.”

We all lose muscle tone as we age, he says. If you only do cardio workouts, you’ll lose even more muscle tone, and that affects your metabolism.

Any exercise is good for you, in general, but it depends on what your goals are. According to Noh, if you’re only trying to lose weight, it’s best to vary your workout, with less emphasis on cardio, not more.

“A perfect program would have strength training, a little bit of cardio, and flexibility and stability training,” he says.

It’s also important to do workouts you enjoy, otherwise you’ll lose your motivation.

Of course, different people have different needs. A marathon runner, for instance, needs to do lots of cardio. And older adults should focus on resistance training, because it’s good for the bones.

There isn’t just one right type of exercise, Noh says. Healthy living requires a balance. Some people are afraid of trying strength training, because there are so many exercise options and machines. Women in particular worry that strength training will make them bigger. But this is a misconception.

“Itcan be intimidating and overwhelming,” Noh says of strength training. “That’s why it’s important to find the right person to teach you the proper techniques.”

Remember that strength training – like resistance training, flexibility training and cardio workouts – is important if you want to lose weight and maintain good health.

For more information on what workout options are available for you, contact Eagle Ridge Fitness at 604-996-1111, by email or by visiting their website. The studio is located at 2624 St. Johns Street in Port Moody and 2311 Whyte Ave in Port Coquitlam.. Eagle Ridge Fitness can also be found on Facebook

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