Tri-Cities math learning centre instills students with the confidence to learn


It helps us accomplish tasks every day of our lives.

It allows us to solve problems, learn and grow.

So, when it comes to developing skills to become proficient at math, confidence plays a big role. That’s why it’s a mainstay in the approach for youngsters enrolled at Mathnasium of Tri-Cities, which is celebrating its second anniversary.

From their location at 2764 Barnet Hwy. in Coquitlam, specially trained instructors provide math help for students from K-12 in an enjoyable, comfortable and supportive environment.

“Our belief is every child has a potential, and our devotion is to help them achieve it,” says Dr. Anoma Mudalige, centre director of Mathnasium of Tri-Cities. “And we are passionate about math and want our students to feel the same way.”

Each student that comes to Mathnasium undergoes a written and oral assessment which helps to identify where their skill gaps are, if any. Based on the findings, a personalized learning plan is then developed.

“Whether they are struggling or want to leap ahead, we have a solution for them,” she says.

“Our unique way of teaching helps children to improve not only their math skills but also their confidence and problem solving. If they remain interested and enjoy what they are doing, they will build up their confidence.”

“And the learning sessions are very interactive and fun because our instructors are trained to teach that way,” Dr. Mudalige says.

Recently, an instructor at Mathnasium of Tri-Cities was recognized for their ability and hard work.

Homayoun Ghaseminezhad was selected as the best Mathnasium teacher in Western Canada.

“He is a first-year student at SFU, very outgoing and engaging and motivates the children very well.

“We are very proud of him,” Dr. Mudalige says.

Parents are also impressed with the Mathnasium of Tri-Cities approach.

“The Mathnasium community is very welcoming and is able to thoroughly help with the complete understanding of the main math concepts for the certain individual’s level,” says one. “With a hands on program, it allows the students to ask for assistance with whatever they may struggle at without taking away from their learning experience.”

While every student is different in their abilities, significant progress can usually be seen in as little as three months.

Plus, there is often a spillover benefit when it comes to school subjects other than math. “We give them problems to solve, and they can transfer that way of approaching problems in other subjects,” Dr. Mudalige says.

For more about how Mathnasium could benefit your youngster, visit, call 604-426-1897, or email

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