Tri-City Endodontics: High tech root canal procedures

Dr. Mark Parhar of Tri-City Endodontics has some advice for people who require a root canal procedure: don’t be nervous.

"The basic principle of a root canal procedure," he explains, "is that you're getting rid of pain. You're also stabilizing the tooth and avoiding extraction. Using state of the art technology, we’re able to perform the procedure in such a way that the patient is relaxed and comfortable, so there’s really nothing to fear.”

Dr. Parhar developed his interest in endodontics – the specialty area of dentistry that deals with the soft inner tissue of teeth – after graduating from UBC and practicing in general dentistry for eleven years.

"The root canal procedure is technically very challenging," Dr. Parhar says. "It involves a higher level of technology and a more advanced level of training."

After completing graduate training in endodontics, Dr. Parhar decided to open his own practice in Port Moody and founded Tri-City Endodontics. The dental office is home to state-of-the-art equipment designed to help both diagnose and treat root canal infection.

"One of the best technological advances that we use is the dental operating microscope,” says Dr. Parhar. “It provides increased magnification and lighting for all procedures and allows us to work very precisely and efficiently with the ultimate goal of preserving as much tooth structure as possible so that the tooth stays strong, symptom-free and will last for many years.”

Most of the patients at Tri-City Endodontics are referred by other dentists in the area. However, Dr. Parhar will also provide a second opinion if a patient is researching treatment options.

"We usually work with other dentists providing treatments that are complicated or specialized, but we're open to consulting with a patient directly,” says Dr. Parhar. “Endodontics is all we do. And my job is to give patients all the information they need to help them decide on the best course of action for their tooth."

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