Why You Need To Hire A Realtor®

Selling a home in Vancouver these days may seem like an easy task—so much so, in fact, that you may be wondering if you still need to hire a Realtor® to manage the process.

“A Realtor® is just as helpful when demand is high,” explains Phil Haig, award-winning Realtor® and the leader of Team Phil Haig.“A Realtor® handles all the negotiations, markets your home so as to generate the maximum number of offers, and does all the paper work. And most of all, they’re highly skilled at doing so. And as members of the Canadian Real Estate Association, they abide by an extensive Code of Ethics.”

In other words, even when the market is as hot as it is today in Vancouver, a Realtor® still makes the most sense.

“I’ve brought offers to people who are already happy with the offer they have,” says Phil. “But when they see that the offer I found is $125,000 higher than the one they have in-hand, they are happy to pay a small commission for the higher offer.”

Phil is also quick to point out that top Realtors® like those at Team Phil Haig have dedicated marketing directors, too.

“Gloria Lueck, our Marketing Director, has more than two decades of experience,” says Phil. “That makes a big difference when you’re trying to make sure your home gets the visibility it needs.”

Over 95% of Vancouver homes are sold by Realtors®, says Haig, and according to him, there’s no substitute, especially if the Realtor® has a background in construction.

“A realtor can tell you about the community, about the nearby facilities, shopping centres, and commute times,” says Haig. “But my team also knows about the houses themselves. Both Karan Sood, my Team Leader, and I come from a construction background, so we know houses from the ground up.”

“People are sometimes surprised at what a Realtor®can do,” Haig adds. “Often, people don’t see the benefit of a Realtor®until they experience it first-hand.”

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