6 misconceptions about healthy eating

Cast aside all your ideas about living on salads or being denied the things you love. Jocelyn Wong, Creative Director of Auxi Foods Kitchen + Coffee Bar, has the real scoop. 

1. It’s outrageously expensive

There’s a stereotype that healthy eating is always pricier, whether you eat in or out, and that fast food and junk food are cheap. In fact, healthy food can be affordable. “Our bowls are priced from $9 to $12 and they’re huge – almost no one finishes them,” says Wong. “You get a delicious meal that really fills you up, made from high-quality ingredients. You can’t put a price on that!”


2. It’s low on flavour

Who could resist bowls like Beef & Mushroom, a combination of rice or smoked sweet potato, tender hand-pulled beef, roast mushrooms, pickled cabbage, marinated tomato, roasted onions, spinach purée and chimichurri? “We make everything by hand – right down to pickling the cabbage ourselves,” says Wong. “That, plus high-quality ingredients, means you definitely won’t feel like you’re losing out on flavour.”


3. It’s all low fat or carb-free

“There isn’t just one way to eat healthily,” says Wong. “We have options to suit everyone’s needs and wants, including keto, paleo, vegan, gluten-friendly or dairy-friendly, and because everything’s prepared fresh, it’s completely customizable.”


4. You can’t eat out

If you’re a Myfitnesspal fan, or you count macros, you might be wary of restaurants, but at Auxi you can get a full breakdown of calories, fat, protein and carbs so you know exactly what you’re ordering. 


5. You can’t eat in

If you want to eat healthily but you’re not a trained chef, eating at home can be dull. That’s why Auxi has just introduced a new subscription meal service. Depending on your goals, this might include a real-life meeting with a nutritionist with whom you can discuss your plan. You’ll get all you need delivered to your door, twice a week, without you having to chop or prep a thing. Follow Auxi Foods on social media (@AuxiFoods) or visit Auxifoods.com for info.


6. You can’t get it locally

You don’t need to head to downtown Vancouver to get a taste of the good life. Auxi is in Queensborough, New West. You can get food delivery via their website, Skip the Dishes and the new subscription meal service will be available throughout the Lower Mainland area.

Auxi Foodsis at 1110 Ewen Avenue. To see the menu, make reservations or find out more, visit Auxifoods.com.

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