9 Reasons Your Dog Keeps Staring At You

Have you ever wondered why your dog is staring at you? Unlike many pets, dogs are known to lock onto humans with unwavering focus, sometimes for unnaturally long periods of time.

“It can be unnerving,” jokes Shannon O’Reilly, owner of Uptown Dawg, Vancouver’s premiere dog daycare and boarding facility. “But once you understand the reasons for it, it’s actually quite an endearing trait. Dogs crave human interaction. Staring is a bi-product of that.”

Here are 8 reasons your dog may be staring at you:

1.     Your dog is seeking attention. Dogs thrive on affection. If they’re staring at you, there’s a good chance they just want you to focus on them for a few minutes.

2.     Your dog is confused. Dogs are very attentive and don’t like to miss a cue or instruction from their owners. If you’re talking to yourself while you’re doing the dishes, your dog might be wondering what’s going on.

3.     Your dog is hungry. Dogs use a variety of ways to communicate hunger to their owners. Staring is one of them, particularly if they’ve been punished for vocalizing their hunger previously.

4.     Your dog wants to go for a walk. Dogs love to be outside and they crave activity. Staring at you may be there way of convincing you to get active. Don’t have the time to take your dog on a hike? Sign them up for a super-fun Adventure Walk.

5.     Your dog wants a belly rub. Belly rubs are an essential part of the communication between owner and dog. It builds trust and dogs love it! 

6.     Road trip!Short or long, many dogs love car rides and will tell their owners that they want to take one by staring at them until they do something about it.

7.     Your dog wants to play fetch. A stare can indicate a specific desire and playing fetch is at the top of the list.

8.     Your dog wants to retire for the evening. Dogs who are used to sleeping near their owners will often stare at the owners either in anticipation of going to bed or to encourage their owners to do so.

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