Chinese meridians: the pathways to overall health

“Whenever we treat a disease,” says Doreen Hill of Doreen Hill Acupuncture, “we must approach it at the root.”

Doreen explains that in acupuncture and Chinese medicine, meridians are a set of pathways in the body along which vital energy flows. There are twelve such pathways that are associated with specific body organs. Doreen highlights four of these important meridians and their associated organs:

·       Kidney

The kidney is the root of life with functions that are closely related to every aspect of our development from birth to death. The kidney meridian travels the inside of the ankles and, therefore, massaging the area around the ankles can strengthen and circulate energy in the kidney/adrenal system to improve overall health

·       Liver

The liver opens into the eyes, which is why the eyes are often used as a diagnostic tool for determining the health of the liver. If liver blood is abundant, we will see clearly. If it is deficient, there could be eye problems such as blurred vision, dry eyes, and floaters

·       Heart

The heart is considered the ruler of other organs in Chinese medicine. It is deeply involved with the mental and emotional processes. The heart is considered the residence of the mind and, as such, is the organ most often involved in insomnia, depression, anxiety, and memory

·       Lungs

In Chinese medicine, the lungs are associated with boundary, breath, and renewal. Abundant lung energy manifests as strong physical vitality. Conversely, weak lung energy shows up in low vitality and a poor immune system resulting in shallow breathing and skin that appears to be unhealthy. Emotionally, there is likely to be constraint and sadness.

“Regular acupuncture treatments,” Doreen says, “can regulate the function of the meridians and all body systems to bring about the return of overall balance and help restore physical and emotional health.”

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