Commemorate your loved one with an online memorial

The digital world is impacting every aspect of our lives, so it’s no surprise that it has made its mark on the funeral industry as well. There are now live streaming options for funerals, funeral apps and these days there’s even a trend towards crowd-funded funerals.

So it’s no surprise that online memorials, which provide a shared space for your loved ones to commemorate you after your passing, are also popular. Forest Lawn Funeral Home provides a 90-day complimentary obituary and photo on its website to all clients who book funeral services through the organization. also hosts Dignity Memorial’s online archival platform, Making Everlasting Memories. Here, family and friends can write condolences and share stories about their loved one, and upload photos which can then be displayed in a movie or slideshow format. If the family wishes to purchase the Making Everlasting Memories plan they can do so for $395, says Andrew Knapman, manager at Forest Lawn. “Like a gravestone, the webpage will run in perpetuity and will exist for as long as there is an Internet to run on,” he explains.

Upon the first meeting with the family of the deceased, “the funeral director takes information from them and they will help with the initial setup [of the webpage.] Then the family is given the password and they can manage it from then on,” explains Knapman.

The Personal Planning Guide is also a wonderful tool to assist in writing a living obituary, which is written by someone, often with the assistance of a professional writer, before their passing. “Who knows more about your life than you do, except for your parents?” asks Knapman.

From the photos and information posted on Making Everlasting Memories, Forest Lawn Funeral Home can also assist with producing printed materials celebrating a loved one’s life.

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