Dentures can bring back smiles and restore confidence

Quan Gifford has been a fully licensed Denturist in British Columbia for the past 18 years. At the early age of 18, she pursued her career in the dental field and has made her mark here in the Lower Mainland. "I love the creative aspect of the field, as well as meeting different cultures in our diverse community,” she says. “It has led me to acquire more knowledge and understanding of real-life experiences.”  

Her goal in choosing this career was to acquire lifelong relationships with her patients and help educate them on oral health, while working alongside and building relationships with other dental professionals. “I have many patients who have watched me grow into the woman I am today. I attribute my success to patience and dedication,” she says. Her motto in life and business is kindness, encapsulating the belief that making someone feel comfortable and welcome without judgment is the key to harmony and happiness for all. 

Many people don’t know that the public can go directly to a Denturist – they have the specialized knowledge, skills and professional attributes to assist their patients in attaining and maintaining oral health.

Gifford has been serving her community for 18 years and is the proud owner of New West Dentureworks, where she sees patients from every walk of life and at every age. She works closely with many Dentists throughout New Westminster, Burnaby, Vancouver and Coquitlam. "It's a collaborative relationship,” she says. “Our ultimate goal is always to preserve the natural dentition [arrangement and condition of the teeth] but sometimes that's not possible, so I can provide options that best suit your needs.”

She also offers her services in care homes for the elderly who aren't able to get out as well as her Seventh Street Clinic, where new patients are always welcome. Working with people is the main reason she loves her job, and her intervention can have a profound effect on their happiness. "Sometimes patients come to me who have been hiding their smile behind their hands for years because they're so self-conscience about their lack of teeth,' she says. "It's truly rewarding to see how happy and grateful they are after I am able to help them."

New West Dentureworks is located at #270 - 522 Seventh Street, New Westminster. For more information, visit or call 604-553-1222.

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