Explore the oldest ‘new’ city with Discover New West

Just a short SkyTrain ride or drive from Downtown Vancouver is the rapidly growing city of New Westminster. Here, you can discover a growing community that is developing a reputation for having something for everyone. New West is a hub of culture and history – with plenty of parks, recreation, shops, food and events.

One of the Lower Mainland’s oldest cities, New West is proud of its roots without staying stuck in the past. More and more people are visiting to enjoy the variety the city has to offer. Whether you’re interested in pottery or pubs, clubs or cinemas – or trying a little of everything – there’s a place for you here.

With so many options for entertainment and dining, it can be difficult to decide where to spend your time and hard-earned dollars. To help you, the New West Record has curated a list of places to get you started on your New West adventure. Armed with this resource, you can Discover New West and enjoy a new experience in Western Canada’s oldest city.

Each of the six different neighbourhoods that make up this city has its own characteristics, so you’ll never get bored with your explorations. Wander through, or better yet, stay overnight in Uptown, Queensborough, Sapperton, Downtown, the West End and the Quay to experience the personalities of each community.

But New West is not only a unique city to visit; it’s also an unparalleled place to live. The area is thriving and welcoming to new residents and businesses.

Explore the best of New West with the New West Record’s Discover New West.

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