With the real estate market continuing to boom and evolve, making the right decisions about your home has become more important than ever.

“As property relationships become more complex,” says Andrew Liggett, a lawyer with SEA TO SKY LAW, “the need for strata legal services becomes more important.”

Greater Vancouver has hundreds of strata corporations with detailed expectations for members. Failure to adhere to such conditions can land individuals in court and even put their homes at risk.

“Strata law is a rapidly growing part of our practice,” says Andrew. “Every building that goes up these days seems to be condominiums, whether vertical or townhouse.”

Firms such as SEA TO SKY LAW offer advice on strata issues for individuals and can also look at the needs of strata councils, which may also require advice.

Andrew notes that his firm specializes in dispute resolution, rather than property purchases.This includes making desired changes legally, dealing with disagreements between neighbours, and dealing with tenants. SEA TO SKY LAW’s team also has experience with strata disputes, real estate litigation, and estates litigation.

“There are so many options when dealing with your home,” Andrew says. “Do you buy, sell or rent? Do you want a single detached, a townhouse or a strata or condominium? Do you want to subdivide your property or develop an empty patch of land? Getting the best advice is essential.”

Strata relationships are like other relationships, he adds. “It comes down to dispute prevention or resolution. And either way, our firm is committed to seeking the best possible outcome.”

Have questions about a strata issue? Contact the professionals at SEA TO SKY LAW for advice. You can visit their website, call 778-728-0208 or email them.

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