New Westminster Christmas Gift Guide Stars

Can you believe it’s only a few weeks until Christmas? Neither can we. And while many gifts and stocking stuffers can be purchased online, there’s nothing quite like an afternoon of holiday shopping with a loved one as snowflakes drift from the sky.

One of the Lower Mainland’s oldest communities, New Westminster provides a magical and historic backdrop for your holiday shopping. Whether you choose to shop along Columbia Street in the historic district, or you head to the mall, there is no shortage of shops and boutiques carrying a variety of items that your friends, family and loved ones will surely be happy to find wrapped under the Christmas tree.

Whether you’re looking for a gift for the fashionista, the health-buff or the chocolate-addict in your life, there is bound to be a retailer right here in New West carrying the items you are looking for.

Are you planning to host a holiday gathering this year? New West is also home to a variety of merchants carrying everything you need for your holiday fetes, whether it’s appetizers for Christmas Eve, a turkey for Christmas Day or oysters for your New Years’ celebration. There are also a variety of shops that can help with your home décor needs, whether you’re on the market for a dinner table centrepiece or festive flowers.

With all of the options, though, it can be hard to decide where to shop. That’s why the New West Record has curated a Christmas Gift Guide Stars directory outlining our favourite retailers in the area. From a jewellery store to a health and wellness shop to a party store, there’s likely something here to meet your needs.

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